When it comes to your appearance, one of the main things you may find yourself fixing and maintaining is your hair. From dyeing it, to deep conditioning it, to styling it, your hair says a lot about who you are. Styling hair to fit your personality or mood is one of the most subtle but expressive aspects of the way you put yourself out there into the world. Nowadays, there are endless ways to style hair. You can even consult with a hairstylist to figure out what type of haircut complements your face shape. However, all this work can all be impeded by an unfortunate circumstance that can affect anyone at any time…dry hair. 

Dry hair can happen for several reasons, such as using too much heat to style your hair or using too much hair product. No matter how it happens, it nonetheless is an annoying predicament to be in. Dry hair can creep up on anyone, but knowing the tell-tale signs can prevent more dryness and damage and can save you a bad hair day. Here are some warning signs to look out for when considering whether or not your hair is dry enough to require some action to fix it:

Coarse or Rough Texture

When hair is in a natural and healthy state, its appearance should be shiny and lush. Your scalp naturally secretes oils that help protect it from the environment. When hair is in a balanced state between being clean, but not over-washed, you should start to notice the look and feel improving. Naturally, no one wants to get rid of the very thing that is keeping their hair looking healthy, but believe it or not, we do it every day. Washing hair too frequently, or with a shampoo that’s too harsh can strip hair of its beneficial oils and can leave hair looking unhealthy. 

If hair is coarse or rough in texture, this can be a sign or symptom of dry hair. No one wants rough looking hair as it can leave hair looking frizzy or unkempt. The amount of times one should shampoo hair every week depends on a variety of factors. This can include texture, hair type, and the overall oiliness or dryness of hair. Shampooing less or every other day can reduce the amount of natural oil taken out and therefore reduce dryness. This may not be the only solution to this particular sign of dryness but it can give your hair a step up. Avoid using shampoos that contain sulfate, as these are too harsh for most hair types.

Split Ends

Split ends are the dreaded result of hair that’s dry and hasn’t been trimmed for an extended period of time. It can leave hair looking unkempt and untidy as this is a result of dry and damaged ends. Dry ends essentially split individual hairs into two or more, causing individual hair ends to appear frayed.  Having split ends is especially bad as there is no permanent solution to this unfortunate symptom and often trimming or getting a haircut is the only way to get hair looking healthy again. Split ends can be caused from an assortment of sources such as styling, heating tools, and even from brushing too harshly!

If you aren’t able to visit your salon for a trim every six weeks, you can find an abundance of ways to prevent split ends from happening in the first place. Limiting the amount of uses of heat products to stylize can be a great way to prevent split end problems from happening. In addition, limiting blow drying can prevent hair from drying out and becoming damaged from heat. One can strengthen their hair by using shampoos and conditioners that specialize in moisturizing and locking in moisture to give hair not only a revitalized look, but an extra layer of protection as well. 

Lack of Versatility

Hair is one of the most adaptable aspects of your appearance. Healthy hair is known to be very lush and versatile. Meaning hair should be easy to change around, brush, and style. On the other hand, having dry hair can lead to a lack of versatility and therefore a greater difficulty with managing it. Dry and damaged hair can very easily become a tangled mess as a result of a lack of moisture. Individual ends start to develop rough layers which can increase friction in between hairs. Contrary to healthy, frictionless hair, dryness can cause hair to rub against one another and be caught together easily.

Having dry hair is no fun, but having the inability to change and style makes it one of the worst symptoms or signs to have. Just like with split ends, the best way to handle this is to get moisture back into hair follicles and strands. Giving protective layers can not only prevent dryness from happening but can also prevent hair from tangling and making it harder to manage it all.

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This article is not intended to treat any disease or offer a substitution for professional medical advice.

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