Are you tired of having straight, flat hair? Do you wish you could have your hair looking curled and voluminous all the time? What if we told you that you could, and with minimal damage to your hair? Continue reading to learn all the tips and tricks we have to share with you to get your perfect curls. 

  1. Don’t Wash Your Hair As Often 

We know that shampoo can dry out our hair, but did you know that it can also prevent your hair from allowing a natural curl or wave to form? This is all because shampoo is stripping your hair of its natural oils. When you wash your hair every day, it is difficult for your hair to contain its moisture. This can all lead to your natural curl pattern becoming frizzy and out of control. 

  1. Use A Sea Salt Spray 

Have you ever wondered why your hair curls naturally after you have been swimming in the ocean? The salt water is able to bend your hair in different ways to create these curls. Fortunately, this effect can be bottled up. By using sea salt spray, you will be able to achieve the lovely beach waves if that’s the type of curl you like.  

  1. Use Curl Enhancing Products 

Curl enhancing products are a way of reducing the amount of frizz your hair has and is also a way of getting your hair to stay in place. To properly apply most curl enhancing products, you should lean your head to either the left or right and scrunch the product into the hair, and then repeat on the other side. The first couple of times it might not give you the perfect tight curl you would like if you have straight hair, but after a few times, it will give you the curls and definition you want your hair to have. Our nourishing keratin conditioner is another great product to try out to help keep your curl pattern moisturized, which can ultimately enhance them.

  1. Braid Your Hair When Wet

Braiding your hair when wet and leaving it in for a couple of hours or overnight is a great way to add a natural curl to your hair. The longer you leave the braid in, the tighter the curl will be. This is because you are allowing your hair to dry and form to the shape and bends of a braid, so when you take them out you still have the curls and bends. All you have to do is take the braids out and run your fingers through them once or twice. 

  1. Curlers

Another option to creating a natural curl is the old fashioned (but tried and tested) way of putting some curlers in. When you get out of the shower just throw some curlers in and leave them in till your hair is dry. Once you take them out you’ll have the perfect curl and you didn’t even have to use heat. 

  1. Diffuse Your Wavy Hair

Heat styling can damage your wavy hair and create frizz; so instead, you should diffuse. How does diffusing work? You apply a non-frizz mousse to your hair and scrunch creating a curl, and in order to make it dry quicker you would diffuse it. Many hair dryers come equipped with a diffuser attachment to help create this look with lower heat. Now you have perfect scrunched hair without damaging the natural wave your hair has by trying to make your hair curly. 

  1. Get Regular Trims

If you have wavy hair, try getting more regular trims to eliminate those dry ends and damage that can weigh your hair down. The weight of the damage and dryness can cause your hair to be pulled down and stripped of its elasticity, meaning that your hair will no longer have the bounce it usually has to create the curls. Healthier hair is bouncier and more voluminous and the weight of dead ends won’t weigh your hair down.

  1. Heat Protectant Curls

We all know using our curling iron isn’t the most natural way to create a curl, but if your hair is super stubborn and nothing else works, here’s how to go about curling your hair: make sure you are using a heat protectant such as the Keranique lift and repair treatment spray. After using that, you can use your curling iron knowing that you’re protecting your hair from it becoming fried.  

No matter which way you choose to achieve your curls, there are multiple ways to achieve a new look. Breathe new life into your everyday look with one of these methods to add some curl and volume to your hair.

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