There are various styles of bangs you can get to refresh your hairstyle. Depending on your personal style, the shape of your face and the amount of maintenance that suits you, you may prefer to choose one over another. Different styles of bangs also come with varying degrees of upkeep required to maintain the style, which may be a factor in which type you prefer to get, especially if you are new to getting bangs and don’t have previous experience. For those with curly hair, any non-curly style of bangs will take more maintenance because you will have to repeatedly apply heat to your hair to keep them straight. Shorter bangs will require more commitment because they will take longer to grow out once you decide to change up your style. Here is a list of various styles of bangs that you can get, as well as the face shapes and styles that they go best with.

  1. Blunt bangs are bangs that are thick and go straight across the face. Blunt style bangs are great to add balance to a face that has a larger forehead by hiding it and creating the illusion of a more evenly distributed face shape. These bangs create a classic look that is versatile with many different hair styles and can adapt to various looks from formal and business to casual. For those who don’t have pin straight hair, this style will require heat to straighten the hair, which can be damaging if there isn’t proper heat protection. Keranique has a great Lift & Repair Treatment Spray which provides heat protection that can help with this potential issue.
  2. Cropped bangs are straight across like blunt bangs, but are shorter and leave more of the forehead showing. These are a unique style of bangs that are bold and eye-catching. These are great for those who want a look that is more unconventional and are not afraid of the commitment this style entails since it will take longer for them to grow out. If you do get cropped bangs and regret it, you should focus on keeping your hair healthy by fortifying it with the right products. Keranique offers a great Follicle boosting Serum which provides nourishment for the scalp that can help contribute to keeping your hair healthy while you grow out your bangs. 
  3. Side bangs are great for those with a round shaped face. They can help make a rounded face look more oval through the narrowing illusion that this style of bangs creates. This style is another classic which can also adapt to different looks you may have when transitioning from refined business looks at work to more casual looks when hanging out with friends.
  4. Curtain bangs are a good choice for rounded faces because they are center parted and narrow the forehead by covering it on the sides, making it appear more oval-shaped. They are also less commitment to get because they are longer and can blend as they grow out. They can often be tucked behind the ears so that you won’t have to worry about them getting in your eyes and needing constant readjustments. 
  5. Curly bangs are great for those with curly hair who don’t want to keep straightening bangs and applying hair spray to make them stay in place. This style also helps make the bangs appear more natural; if you straighten your bangs but leave the rest of the hair natural, it can sometimes look out of place by contrast.  Keeping your hair the way it naturally is without adding unnecessary heat will help maintain the overall health of your hair by reducing potential heat damage. 

Do you want to find a style of bangs that will be best suited for your face shape and your personal style? Are you looking for inspiration to see which type of bangs you want to get? Do you want to find products that will help your hair and bangs be the healthiest they can be so that they can look their best? Keranique offers a wide variety of products that can help you to achieve the goals you have for your hair. Take a look at our products page to find the best items that are suited for your individual hair care needs. 

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