A year ago, we started the Getting To The Root with Keranique series. It was created to help women understand their hair loss and to educate women about Keranique products and how to use them. We want to say THANK YOU for reading the blog posts, watching the videos, and submitting your questions. It is important for you to know that you are not alone, Keranique & Getting To The Root is here for you to support you on your healthy hair journey.

August is National Hair Loss Awareness Month so each week this month we will have a new blog post, accompanied with a video to share with you. To kick off the month, we want to start with dispelling the Top 5 Misconceptions about Keranique & Hair Loss. So, let’s get started with the countdown…

At #5 The Misconception that “I can use the Keranique Regrowth Treatment to grow my eye lashes or my eyebrows.”

NOT TRUE! Our Regrowth Treatment has not been tested nor has it even been approved for use on your face our around the eye area.

The #4 Misconception that “Hair Loss mainly happens to men or mature/older women.”

That is simply just not true. Do you know how common Thinning Hair or Hair Loss is for Women? It is far more prevalent than you might think. In fact, 1 in 3 adult women, that is over 40 million women in the US, experience either Thinning Hair or Hair Loss. And more and more woman of ALL AGES can experience thinning hair or hair loss. But once a woman reaches the age of 50, she’s 50% more likely to experience this issue.

What is also important to note is Hair Loss is different between men & women. Men generally experience what is called Male Pattern Baldness (in one area). For women it generally thins in a DIFFUSE Pattern all over which makes it harder to notice. Usually, the first place women start to notice is in the area of their part. Because of this, it may take longer to notice and start a treatment.

Below you’ll find some 2 common factors that cause Hair Loss:

  • Hereditary – due to aging, hormonal changes, stress or even changes in diet.
  • Did you know even over-use of your styling tools can contribute to Hair Loss?

And the signs you are losing your hair may vary too, but some signs you may notice are the widening of part or that your scalp is more noticeable through your hair. You also may see more hair left on your pillow, in your brush or your hair seems to have less volume. The good news is the Keranique Hair Care System was created to help women experiencing thinning or hair loss to improve the health of her hair and scalp as well as help her Regrow hair she has lost.

And the #3 Misconception; is that “once my hair is all grown back, I can stop using the Keranique Regrowth Treatment.”

Unfortunately, Ladies this is not true. To answer this, we need to remind you that there are many causes of hair loss. They include stress, to over-use of styling tools or coloring your hair, to health issues, and poor nutrition. Any of these causes can lead to the Follicle not getting the nutrition it needs and over time gets smaller and smaller and then just stops growing hair. The Regrowth Treatment with the FDA approved ingredient, 2% Minoxidil, stimulates women’s follicles to regrow hair. So, it is important to have a CONSISTENT ROUTINE using the Regrowth Treatment. You will want to incorporate this as part of your regular Beauty Routine just like how we brush our teeth twice a day to keep our gums healthy and teeth plaque-free. Using the Regrowth Treatment as part of a regular routine, even after your hair grows back will keep your follicles stimulated to continue growing your hair. If you stop using the Regrowth Treatment after your hair is all back, you will lose any new regrowth, and revert to where you were before you started the Regrowth Treatment. So, Ladies it is important to make this a part of your daily care routine.

Coming in at the #2 the Misconception is that “the Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment will have immediate visible results.”

We know this may not be what you want to hear, but it is important for you to know that The Regrowth Treatment is not an over-night result. Our natural hair growth cycle is about 3 to 4 months so it will take that long to begin to see the baby hairs start to grow. What the Regrowth Treatment will do is stimulate the follicle to regrow hair. It takes time and again, it takes consistency.

And finally, the #1 Misconception is that “Keranique is ONLY for hair loss & hair growth”

That is just not the case. Keranique is the Women’s Hair Growth Experts, and we are that for a reason because we have focused exclusively on women’s hair loss. But we are equally a preventative hair care line as well. Most of our products can be used by any woman that wants better scalp health along with hair growth. Our shampoos and conditioners protect, repair and treat damage to hair and nourish the scalp, while reducing loss due to breakage. Our KeraViatin Hair & Scalp Supplements improve hair thickness and density. We don’t want to wait for women to develop a problem or be the brand they come to when they are in the midst of hair loss. What we want and like is to help women take better care of their hair and scalp and to help them prevent hair thinning. Don’t get us wrong, we are THE solution for hair loss, but there is a preventative range of products that can and should be used by any women interested in great hair health. Products mentioned earlier, like our KeraViatin Supplements, or our Shampoos & Conditioners help prevent hair loss but also nourish, strengthen, and encourage growth.

There you have it the Top 5 Misconceptions about Keranique & Hair Loss. Our hope is that we helped answer questions or clear up some confusion about Keranique or Hair Loss.

Remember Keranique and the Getting To The Root series is here for you and if you have a comment or question regarding any of the Keranique products be sure to leave it in the comment section so we can follow up with you. We look forward to your questions, so keep them coming and maybe your question could be featured on our video Q&A series, Getting To The Root: Your Questions Answered. You can also view a recording of this blog post and get more information here.

Please Take Care of Your Hair and Don’t Forget to Take Care of You!

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