If you suffer from thin or thinning hair, you are probably always looking for ways to get thicker hair. These days there are so many different products and treatments to try! You can try shampoos, hairbrushes, and a host of different types of products that will help you get the hair you love. In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the best products. Of course, if you want personalized advice, you should talk to your doctor about any underlying conditions that could be causing your thinning hair or your hair stylist for their recommended products.

Shampoos and Conditioners For Thicker Hair

The first items you may want to look into are shampoos and conditioners. You want to have products that will not only cleanse your hair but will also prepare your hair and your scalp for new growth. Your current shampoo and conditioner could be sabotaging your hair goals and you don’t even know it! During your search, you should look for thickening shampoos and conditioners.

If you need a whole new set of products, try our Keranique Hair Regrowth System. It comes with a scalp stimulating shampoo and conditioner, Lift and Repair treatment spray, and a hair regrowth treatment – the only topical solution approved by the FDA to treat women’s hair loss. This 4-piece kit was developed for women who are losing hair and want to take control of and manage hair loss. The normal hair growth process can be disrupted by many factors. These include genetics, illness, and stress among a few. There are some hair regrowth treatments that address loss at the follicle, however, this by itself may not be therapy enough. When hair is thinning, or women are losing their hair at the follicle, it isn’t that a healthy hair fiber of normal thickness is being shed and not regrown. The hair follicle miniaturizes over successive hair cycles and so the hair fiber itself becomes thinner and more fragile over time and increasingly susceptible to breakage. Ultimately some of these follicles stop producing hair altogether. And many of the follicles that can still grow hair are producing hair that is baby-fine and is extremely weak. Hair is lost at two places; at the follicle and along the shaft and Keranique’s Hair Regrowth System both regrows hair at the root by reactivating the follicle to stimulate regrowth and then repairs, strengthens and protects thinning, weakened fiber and new, healthy growth to fortify hair. It allows you to improve the quality & condition of hair and allows you to keep the hair you have.

If you already have a good shampoo and conditioner but are looking for a treatment for hair loss, try our newly created Love Your Hair Kit. This treatment also contains the FDA approved hair regrowth treatment, the KeraViatin Hair Supplements, and our Lift and Repair treatment spray. The three-step system contains all of the ingredients you need to reactivate dormant and shrunken hair follicles to make them stronger. In turn, your hair will grow back thicker and longer. To read more about this treatment and the benefits each element has, click here.

Combs and Brushes For Thicker Hair

Your brush could also be damaging your hair. While brushing, consider getting and using a wide-tooth comb specifically made for detangling. and brushing wet hair. If you use the wrong brush on wet hair, you could be pulling out even more of your hair, causing thinning hair. Some people take it a step further and purchase a separate brush for dry hair and styling.

Supplements For Thicker Hair

What is good for the body is good for your hair. You’ll want to treat your hair loss inside and out. It is great to buy products to use on your hair and scalp, but you will also want to treat the issue from the inside. Make sure to eat a healthy diet, drink a lot of water, and try a hair growth supplement. Be cautious of hair supplements that are on the market that are high in sugar and low in nutritional benefits. It is important to take a supplement that has key ingredients and has vital nutrients.

With no sugar or artificial flavors and colors, our KeraViatin Supplement contains Vitamins B6 and Riboflavin, Thiamine, Pantothenic, Vitamins B1, B2, and B12, and Antioxidants including Curcumin. These clinical strength supplements were developed exclusively for women and can be used in conjunction with other Keranique products as part of a system to help support the growth and maintenance of strong, healthy-looking hair.

Scalp Massager For Longer & Thicker Hair

Some people are strong advocates of scalp massages for longer and thicker hair. Companies are now making fun scalp massagers that you can use to scrub in your shampoo or with a scalp exfoliator. It helps to get your blood circulating on your scalp, which could lead to more hair growth. It is also a great way to relieve stress and relax.

Heat Protectant Spray For Thicker Hair

Your hair could be thinning due to damage from hot styling tools. To protect your hair from the heat and even your environment, use a heat protectant spray before you use hot styling tools or head outside. You may also want to look into an SPF product for your scalp to avoid damage from the sun and other environmental factors.

Deep Conditioner For Thicker Hair

If your hair feels dull and dry, it is most likely due to extreme damage. This could be the reason it is thinning and not growing. Try a deep conditioning treatment about once a week. It should help your hair grow and return your hair to a softer and smoother state.

Thickening Sprays

These days, there are simple sprays that help your hair become thicker in an instant! Look for a thickening spray to try. It helps to prep hair and gives you the volume you crave.

Keranique’s Lift and Repair Spray is a great example of a spray that helps increase volume, instantly. This fiber-fortifying finishing spray provides volume, manageability, and is an all-in-one hair restorative. Clinically tested, it was shown to mend 96% of split ends in one application. Enriched with Keratin Amino Complex, it bonds to hair to strengthen, reduce loss due to breakage, and helps control frizz and fly-away hair for 24 hours. Spray it at the root for light lift; spray it along the fiber to impart strength, spray it on the ends to repair damaged, split ends. Providing scalp to end total care for your hair, it is an instant fiber-fixing, root-boosting essential.  

Microfiber Hair Towel For Thicker Hair

Your towel could be doing more damage to your hair than you think. Depending on the material, your towel might be too rough on your hair fibers. A microfiber hair towel can help your hair dry faster, reduce frizz and damage, and absorb more water. This can also help you style your hair faster and may also reduce breakage. If you don’t want to buy a new towel, use an old, soft T-shirt instead and remember to pat dry and not rub.

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