If you have long, thick, and/or coarse hair, you have probably dealt with annoying tangled hair from time to time. Not only can it look like a mess, but it can cause damage and it just doesn’t feel nice! However, if you are patient and use the right products, you can detangle your hair easily every time.

First, be sure to buy the right brush. Paddle brushes or wide-tooth combs are the best tools for detangling. These days there are plenty of brushes that are specifically for detangling as well, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find one. You’ll also want to invest in a good quality detangling spray. This can help loosen up the knots and prevent damage in your hair.

When you’re ready to start working out those knots, be sure to start from the ends instead of the roots. Many people start brushing their hair normally, but this isn’t the best way to detangle the knots. The easiest way is to start working through those knots at the ends. When you’re ready to brush your roots, your brush should slide down your hair easily. This also helps to minimize damage. It can also help reduce pain if it hurts a lot to detangle your hair.

Don’t rush. Separate your hair into sections and work your way through instead of trying to rush and brush everything at once. In addition, you should work on dry hair instead of wet hair. Try to get out all of your tangles before you take a shower and wash your hair. Wet hair is more prone to damage. If your knots are the worst you’ve ever seen and detangling spray isn’t doing much, you can put conditioner on dry hair to help loosen the knots.

Once you’ve effectively detangled your hair, you want to avoid future tangles, right? Be sure to use a moisturizing hair mask or hair oil at least once a week. This can help keep your hair soft, smooth, and tangle-free. It can also be helpful to sleep on a silk pillowcase or sleep with a silk scarf over your head to reduce frizz and prevent knots.

Do you have to detangle your hair often? What is your favorite detangling spray and brush? If you’re looking for another detangling tool, try our Anti-breakage Detangling Comb!

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