Many people realize that staying hydrated is crucial for a healthy body and mind. Did you know that staying hydrated is a key to healthy hair as well? Here are some facts about proper hydration for your hair so that you can keep it looking and feeling healthy and strong:

  1. Water makes up a large part of our body. No wonder we need it so badly for healthy skin, hair, and body! Think of hydration as moisture. If your scalp and hair are not as moisturized as they should be, it can lead to dryness, damage, or even excess of oil to try to overcompensate.
  2. When your hair is hydrated and healthy, it can grow much faster than normal. When you are dehydrated, one of the first things that is stopped is your hair’s growth. If you are consistently dehydrated, your hair will simply not grow as quickly.
  3. When your hair is not moisturized, it can lead to split ends.

Aim to drink plenty of water throughout the day. If you don’t like the taste of water, try coconut water or adding lemons or cucumbers to regular water for a better taste.

Did you know that hydration was so important to your hair’s health? Are you usually hydrated or dehydrated throughout the day? Do you ever notice a difference with your hair?

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