Summer 2020 is here! As many salons are now opening up, you might be itching to change up your hair color. If you’re experienced, you might try to change your color at home. However, we do recommend saving some of the tougher hair color looks for the professionals, but it is up to you! Here are some of the best looks for summer 2020 if you need some inspiration:

  1. Rainbow is in! Taylor Swift was recently seen with rainbow streaks in her hair and it looked so fun. In fact, now is the time to brighten your look with any color under the sun. Ever wanted to have purple hair? There is no better time. There are so many different bright colors to choose from and they all are very much in style right now. You could also try dip dying the ends of your hair with a color that will come out in a few washes. This is great for a fun party or event.
  2. If you realized recently that you need a low maintenance color, ombre, balayage, or a dark root look is still on-trend. This way, you can brighten up your color without worrying about getting it re-done every few weeks. These colors will allow your hair to grow out and still look fabulous.
  3. If you want a little bit of brightness around your face, try some barely-there highlights. Ask your stylist to do baby highlights in places that the sun would naturally hit your hair for a fresh look.
  4. If you love the look of a bright pink but aren’t ready for quite that level of commitment, rose gold is a suitable option. It is a beautiful light pink color that looks great on just about everyone. It looks colorful and bright without being too obnoxious.
  5. Two-toned hair is also very popular right now. Many celebrities are rocking this look with blonde on top and brown peeking from underneath. Or try other colors!
  6. While many people love to go blonde or lighter during the summer months, there’s nothing wrong with dark and glossy hair! Go against the crowd and dye your hair darker and ask for a gloss to make sure your dark hair looks extra shiny.
  7. Lastly, we can’t forget about red. There are so many beautiful shades to choose from, so you can try strawberry blonde, bright red, or an orange hue this summer?

What color is your hair right now? Which color do you desire?

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