It can be difficult if you have thinning hair and want it to appear fuller. The first secret to fuller hair is healthier hair. If your hair is damaged and that is the cause of the thinning, you may need to get a cut. You may not want to cut your hair, but that could be the only way it can grow back fuller and healthier. Also, you can maximize volume with shorter hair. Ask your hairstylist for advice if you are unsure if you should cut your hair or leave it as is.

A simple change you can make to achieve fuller hair is to change your part. Changing your part can create instant volume and give you the appearance of fuller hair. Another alternative is flipping your head upside down (the inversion method). When you flip your head upside down and dry from the bottom of your hair, more volume is created. It literally lifts the roots. This can make a big difference. It is recommended that you use a volumizing spray to help complete the process.

Additionally, you can massage your way to fuller hair. Love the scalp massage at the salon when you get your hair done? Why not give yourself one or ask your partner to do it? The massage stimulates blood flow and can help your hair grow faster. Add in some of your favorite essential oils for an even better boost.

Of course, there are also products that will help create fuller hair. Try our Keranique Thicker Fuller System. It comes equipped with a scalp stimulating shampoo, volumizing conditioner, treatment spray, and serum. It is important to avoid heavy creams, pastes, gels, and waxes which will just weigh down your hair further. This system was designed specifically to aid in maintaining and increasing a thicker look and feel.

Lastly, work with your doctor to determine the cause of your thinning hair. It could be due to a vitamin deficiency, underlying condition, or simply stress. Then you can work on the root cause of the problem. While you’re working on that, hair extensions can be a great way to fake fuller hair while you try to naturally make it fuller. Your hair stylist can help you find hair extensions that look natural on you.

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