Do you ever request a scalp massage at the salon when you get your hair cut or colored? It feels so good, doesn’t it? Studies1 show that in addition, it may lead to thicker, longer hair if you get regular scalp massages. The best part is you can give yourself scalp massages at home to help your hair grow faster. The studies also show that two scalp massages per day may give you the best results.

Here’s how to massage your scalp:

  1. You can do a traditional scalp massage that involves only your fingertips. Use your fingertips on both hands on your scalp. Move in small circles and apply just light to medium pressure. You don’t have to push too hard or you may give yourself a headache. Aim to cover the entirety of your scalp and massage for at least five minutes each time. The best way to remember to massage your scalp is in the shower, while you shampoo your hair.
  2. You can also pick up some scalp massaging tools. They come in brushes, rubber massagers or wire massagers that fit on your head. While your fingers work just fine, massage tools can feel extra luxurious and only speed up the benefits.
  3. Lastly, you can incorporate essential oils for even more benefits. Lavender or peppermint essential oils are great to try. Lavender essential oil is great for the evening when you want to relax and get tired. Peppermint essential oil is better for an energy boost during the day. Mix about one to two drops of essential oil with one tablespoon of coconut or jojoba oil. You’ll only want to do this if you can wash your hair right after.

Ask your partner or a friend to massage your scalp. This can feel even better! Be sure to return the favor too and massage their scalp.

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