If you ever go to the beauty supply store, you might see bins and bins of different hair brushes. Did you know there were so many types? Have you been using the same tried and true brush for years, never wondering if it was actually the best one for your hair type? You’re not alone. Many people don’t know all of the different types of brushes and which one is best suited for their hair.

If you often style your hair and love to create volume with blowouts at home, you’ll want to use a styling brush. Styling brushes are curved brushes, often with vents and can come with natural or synthetic bristles. They are great for thick hair and work best while blow drying your hair.

If you have straight hair or want to reduce frizz and keep your hair smooth, use a paddle brush. They are large, flat, and can be rectangular or oval-shaped. They also can come with natural or synthetic bristles as well.

Lastly, a round brush is obviously a round brush with bristles all around the brush. Some contain vents. These are also great to use for blowouts or if you like to create waves or curls in your hair when you style. These brushes are great for those with fine hair.

Another element of the brush are the different types of bristles. There are generally classified as natural versus synthetic bristles. Natural bristles are soft and help to smooth your hair. You might also recognize natural bristles as boars’ bristles. Since they generally work better and are gentler, they tend to be more expensive. However, synthetic bristles are best if you have a lot of static in your hair. Sometimes they are also made to help avoid frizz. They are better suited for those with thick hair instead of thin.

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