Due to the recent coronavirus pandemic, many of us are working from home. While some may be used to it, some of us are working from home for the very first time. It can be a very different experience than working in the office, especially if your kids or grand kids are home with you too! However, fortunately, you still have a job and if you’re like most people working from home, all meetings are now being held via video conference.

You don’t want to look like you just rolled out of bed (even though you might have) and you want to feel your best while on the conference. So, what should you do? It is best to stick to your normal routine. You likely have to work the same hours, so give yourself the same amount of time to get ready in the morning. Set aside time to shower, do your hair and makeup. You even have more time now because you cut out your commute!

Now is the time to try DIY hair treatments at home to keep your hair looking its best while you cannot get to the salon. (Keep checking our blog, we’ll be posting some DIY treatments soon 😉)

You can also play around with your hair’s natural look. Try Keranique’s Thickening & Texturizing Mousse after you wash your hair. It can help you maintain your natural waves and curls and save even more time by avoiding hot tools.

If you have more time and want to play around, use tools or techniques that you’ve been avoiding because you didn’t think you had time. Curl your hair in the morning if you always leave it straight. This can bring a new attitude and positivity to your day.

Keep your makeup simple. While some video chats are advanced, no one can see you as well as they could in the office. This can let you let your skin breathe. Just use a simple foundation, powder, or CC cream with concealer. Add some light mascara, lipstick or lip gloss and a hint of blush. You’re good to go!

Keep in mind, even if you have video calls and want to look your best, you can still wear sweatpants or pajama pants. No one can see them, so you can look great and still be comfy at home!

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