When you’re trying to regrow hair and maintain that healthy new growth for the long-term, experts agree: a focus on wellness and patience are your best bet. “At times, it’s normal to feel impatient with your hair regrowth journey, but, remember being steadfast and consistent is key,” says Char Deegan-Calello, Vice President of Product Development & Research & Development at Keranique. “Hair grows on average, one-half inch per month under normal conditions, however, when you are trying to reactivate hair follicles where hair production has greatly slowed, it may take a bit longer in the beginning. Also important to note, it’s not only the regular application of the Regrowth Treatment that will produce the best outcome, it’s monitoring all of your other habits that can contribute too. Stress, poor nutrition, chemical processing and over-styling can all accelerate loss, or can be damaging to new hair growth.”

If you are committed to regaining and re-growing hair that you have lost, you may need to adjust some habits to best support your goal. Taking supplements that promote hair growth, finding healthy ways to cope with stress, getting enough sleep and considering all of your styling and hair care habits are crucial. While all of these new changes can feel like a lot, know that a “focused commitment and a patient approach will provide for the success in the long run.”

With this in mind here are 4 ways to become more patient and enjoy the positive changes your hair regrowth journey will bring:

  1. Set Realistic Goals – Make sure that you are beginning this journey with healthy expectations that are sensible and wouldn’t be a source of frustration. Chances are it took you some time to begin losing hair and reach the level of hair loss you have, so just set expectations understanding that hair regrowth is a process that takes time.
  2. Think Step by Step – Regardless of your level of hair loss, instead of focusing on how far you will have to go in your hair regrowth journey, try to shift your focus to recognize what you can do today, tomorrow and so on. Hair regrowth should be sustainable, so aim to make your efforts simple and consistent. Once you begin incorporating the Regrowth Treatment, or hair growth supplements, for example, into your routine, try to ensure that you are doing these things every day at the same time so it becomes a habit.
  3. Think Creatively – If you are at a plateau in your journey, or aren’t seeing things happen as quickly as you wanted (which is a normal part of the process), take time to evaluate what other changes could better help support your effort. For example, if you are applying the Regrowth Treatment, this may be the time to add a jump start and incorporate a hair health supplement to boost your scalp health along.
  4. Think Beyond the Mirror – If you are feeling impatience with the preliminary progress you see, remember hair, when it is healthy, grows on average one half inch per month! Know that as you use a therapy like the Regrowth Treatment, it takes time for the solution to reactivate the follicle and rebalance the hair growth cycle, and during this time its important to be positive, patient and consistent. Be sure you are following use directions and consider other habits that may be stalling results (teasing, flatirons, or over-processing) and holding you back.


Hair Regrowth takes time and to stay motivated remember to be consistent, monitor habits, and keep the journey simple! For many of us, its difficult to self-access and see our hair loss, which makes monitoring progress difficult at times. Taking regular progress photos may make it easier to track, may be encouraging, and may help empower you!

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