The beauty industry has now single-handedly (and very profitably) helped us figure out how to have fuller lips, smaller waists, and fuller longer lashes. The solution to any beauty issue you may be experiencing is a swipe and click away.

Except, that is, if you’re anything like me and are looking for a product that will help you stop your hair from thinning.

I didn’t want to admit it at first but the evidence in my hairbrush, shower drain, and draped across my fingers as I ran them through my hair became overwhelming — I was losing my hair!

As I looked around for a solution what I found was pretty depressing.

Here’s What I Found Out (And What You Need To Know) About Hair Vitamins:

It should have been easy for me to find the vitamins I needed in order to help restore my hair to it’s strong, full, and shiny glory days, right?

I honestly thought a trip to the nearest natural health counter would do the trick… or maybe one of those candy-like solutions I kept seeing advertised on Instagram! Wouldn’t it be amazing if a tasty, sweet little gummy bear really could turn this hair loss situation around for me?

I’d be saying goodbye to my thinning, sad hair… while simultaneously reliving my grade school gummy bear days thanks to a tasty, candy like treat!

It sounded too good to be true, and it was!

Here’s the truth the vitamin companies aren’t telling you about those tasty, “total hair re-growth” treats.


Secret #1: They’re LOADED With Sugar

Yup, that’s a major dirty little secret that the hair vitamin companies don’t want to call attention to…and it was a real disappointment to find out!

Those tasty treats are (borderline) addicting because they’re loaded with refined sugar and fructose, wreaking havoc on your blood sugar levels, metabolism and waist line. Yikes!

Sugar in Hair Gummies

I know, we all keep hearing about how refined sugar isn’t great for you! It’s a topic that’s been covered to death! But the truth is that extra refined sugar just isn’t good for the human body.

(Now I’m not talking about the fruit sugar and other natural sweeteners that occur in your whole foods, that’s the good guy kind of sugar!)

It’s rough enough that we live in a world that overloads us with stress and tosses in large doses of strange, wacky chemicals that take a huge toll on the body!

All in all, you already have enough sugar intake to watch for without your vitamins rallying to sabotage you as well!


Secret #2: Biotin Works…Rarely

What is biotin? It’s a form of Vitamin B that’s found in many foods AND a vitamin that “hair re-growth” solutions want to keep you focused on…

Biotin seems to be in EVERY hair product, but unfortunately, it doesn’t cure hair problem all on it’s own. In fact, the issue with biotin is that:

Biotin is SUPER easy to get in foods. You only need a small amount of micrograms and it’s found in most common foods like eggs, meat, grains, seeds, and nuts…you’d actually have to try really hard to be Biotin deficient!

Biotin deficiency is actually rare!

So just focusing on biotin won’t heal your hair issues.

But let’s not throw too much shade at these vitamin companies…

They’re doing the best they can and have good intentions.

Here’s the real question that bothers me.

Why would you trust a company that doesn’t go deep into their research?

Or tell you the full truth about the products they’re promoting as a magic cure to your hair issues?!

I value my lustrous locks WAY too much to trust just anyone with them.

So here’s what I discovered: there’s a massive gap in communication between nutritional science and the medical industry.

If I can’t trust a company who is making money from me to tell the truth about their products and do deep research to find what really works…then I don’t want them anywhere NEAR me OR my hair.

But I don’t need to convince you! The facts speak for themselves 🙂

Hopefully that’s enough to help you see that large, creative advertising budgets aren’t always telling you the truth!


Secret #3: The “Magic Pill” Approach Is So NOT Sound Science

Okay, I would love to solve all of my hair problems with a few tasty treats! That would be totally ideal.

But honestly? They just don’t work.

Come on now, good diet and exercise are absolutely crucial for good mental, physical and emotional health.

No matter how many pills, drugs, supplements or surgeries you throw into your body, it just can’t replace basic good health. Believe me, I’ve tried.

Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Yeah it’s fun to have microwaves to heat up food, UberEats for those nights where (forget cooking!) you just can’t leave the house to go get take out and ALL of the apps to swipe right for dating…

Instant gratification is definitely a thing, and it’s rampant in our society. It’s responsible for a lot of cool stuff we have available these days. And these advances have improved our lives.

Can you imagine what it was like back when you had to take a whole day just to do laundry?!

What I’d like to address is this…

The impatience that goes hand in hand with all of this instant gratification.

You can’t get great hair in a week from a handful of gummy vitamins. It just won’t work.

And another thing: thick, healthy, luscious hair is nearly impossible to achieve if the rest of your body isn’t feeling great — when your general health is sub-par, so is your hair.

So what’s the solution? Is there even one?

You gotta break it down and do your own research.

Make sure you look past the cute gummy bears, tasty treats, and empty promise of results in a day, and find companies with a solid research team, a reputation for getting their customers real results, and lots and lots of happy customers.

At the end of the day results are what we’re after anyway isn’t it?

So here’s what I ultimately found out: gummy supplements and other treatments are approaching the problem from the entirely wrong angle.

Hair is a reflection of your body’s overall health so in order to change it, you need to address the deep, cell level causes of your hair not being all that you want! That’s the way to go.

It’s not going to happen in a week like those silver bullet solutions you get off the shelf “promise”, but it will happen, and when it does, the change will be from your roots all the way down to your strong shiny tips.

I don’t know about you, but I’m willing to delay gratification if it means I can have real lasting results… don’t take my word for it, try it for yourself!

We know a huge cause of mental and physical health problems lies in inflammation. That impacts your hair health more than you can imagine. Well know that you have to have the right blend of absorbent nutrients and anti-inflammatory nutrition that makes your body glow from the inside out. Talk about gorgeous hair, skin and everything!

So you have to target the root causes of hair issues and that just not going to happen with some nutrition store gummy in a short two weeks.

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