What is Toner?You have likely heard the word toner thrown around by your hairstylist, but what is it exactly? Toner is a product that helps to neutralize brassy tones in your hair color. In other words, if you bleach your hair and dye it lighter, it may turn a yellow or orange tone eventually. If you use toner, it can help neutralize that, make your hair look shiny, and keep it looking healthy and fresh.

If you’re interested in the platinum shades that are taking the Internet by storm, you will need to ask for a toner. These looks can be more work to take care of, but they look very chic and stylish!

If you need to neutralize a brassy shade of color as soon as possible and don’t want to shell out the cash for toner at the salon, you can also use a purple shampoo. Using a purple shampoo regularly can help you keep your hair color the shade you want it much longer.

Keep in mind that toner is not hair color, but it can alter the shade of your color. It can help make your hair color cooler or ashier.

There are also different types of toners. Purple shampoo is actually considered a type of toner. Your hairstylist will know which one is best for your hair and what you want your color to look like. If you have blonde hair, you’ll probably need an ammonia-based toner to remove brassy tones. You’ll want to wait a few days to use a toner if you just bleached your hair.

If you’re wondering if toner is right for your hair and your desired hair color, ask your hairstylist for help. Your hairstylist can mix up the correct toner for the look and color you are going for. Many hairstylists will color and tone your hair if you are going lighter, but you can go in and get your hair toned to keep up with the maintenance.

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