Do Perms Still Exist?The 1980s was the time of the perm. These days, you don’t hear about many people getting perms. However, perms do seem to be making somewhat of a comeback lately. Some Hollywood stars are getting perms and enticing others to try a modern perm.

Perms became popular in the ‘80s when women were starting to become bolder and wanted a bold hairstyle. The modern perm is more of a permanent wave, rather than a tight curl. Modern perms are also more customized for each person. If you go to a professional hairstylist, they will customize the rod size and the way they are placed for your specific hair type and the style you are going for. If you want a more natural beach wave or a tighter curl, that will depend on where the rods are placed. Perms can also help defrizz your hair.

Perms work on just about every hair type and texture. These days you can even get a perm if you color your hair. In the past, these two processes were too much to be done around the same time.

Getting a perm can take a while. Depending on your hair length and type, it could take about two hours or more. Two days after your perm, you are allowed to wash your hair and you will be able to see your waves or curls dry naturally. You can heat style your hair as well if you choose to.

A perm should last about six months. It will grow out naturally. What do you think about perms? Would you consider getting a modern perm? Did you realize that they still exist? Unfortunately, the perm solution still smells quite strong!

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