Holiday Party HairstylesDo you love going to holiday parties each year? If you have multiple parties to attend, you might not want to showcase the same look at each one of them. If you are interested in switching up your hairstyle this holiday season, here are some fun looks to try:

  1. Try soft and shiny. Create a deep side part and use a large round brush as you blow dry your hair to create slightly curled ends. Finish with a shine spray or serum for super soft, shiny locks. If your hair is feeling dry and damaged, use a moisturizing hair mask in the shower.
  2. Go for sexy, old-school Start with slightly dirty hair, then separate into two-inch sections. Spray with hairspray and then wrap each section around a curling iron and pin into place. Let it cool and then remove pins and brush lightly. It will create those old Hollywood waves.
  3. If you have short hair, try a sleek and shiny look. Flat iron what you can and use a shine spray to create an almost wet look. If you want to add a little holiday flair, put some festive bobby pins in your hair.
  4. Braids aren’t just for summer months. Try different braid styles until you find one that looks best on you. You could braid your hair to the side into a messy, chic braid, a tight fishtail braid, or a classic French braid. If you want to be a little bit bolder, try putting some glitter in your part if you do pigtail braids.
  5. Make your own headband. Headbands can add a festive flair to your look and if you don’t have any that match your outfit, make your own with your hair! Curl your hair into loose curls. Create a side ponytail and braid half of it so you can wrap it around your head like a headband. Pin and then twist the other half into a chic bun.
  6. Topknots are still in. If you have dirty hair and don’t have time to shower and re-do your look, throw your hair up into a topknot. You can also do a half-up topknot if don’t want all of your hair in a bun.

What hairstyle do you usually wear to a holiday party? Will you try some new styles this year? If you are having trouble recreating these looks, check out tutorials on YouTube or ask a friend or hairstylist to recreate these looks for you.

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