Before learning about Keranique, Kasli struggled with her hair loss. To hide her bald spots, she would comb her hair over and push it forward, hoping no one would notice. Like most women who struggle with hair loss, Kasli did not want to admit to or recognize her hair loss. Hair loss made her feel hopeless, not knowing what to do or who to talk to about this difficult experience.

Her first interview with Keranique was a scary experience as it was her first time talking about and admitting to her hair loss. Since then, she has gained her confidence back. Using the Keranique Hair Regrowth System has shown Kasli that she is not alone in her struggle with hair loss, as millions of women suffer from the same thing. Kasli and others can now stand strong and help other women who are struggling to find a solution to hair loss.

Keranique has not only given Kasli hope for the future but has introduced her to a community of women all going through the same experience. Today, Kasli has reclaimed her confidence, renewed her hope, and most importantly, she grew her hair back. Feeling beautiful is a great feeling and that is just how Kasli views herself. She now loves her hair and looks forward to waking up each day and showing it off.


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