Regardless of whether we love our hair or hate it, it takes work! We have to contend with all the varying factors that seem to change our hair just when we think we’ve got it figured out. These are not always changes that we have any control over, for example, depending on where we live, when the seasons change, so does our hair! As we age, hormones in our body start shifting and so does our hair!

When there is an adjustment to our diet, or even our stress level, we can sometimes see a direct correlation to our hair. Why? Well, simply put, our hair interacts with, and then reacts to, our body and its environment. If we are eating very healthy foods, rich in all the vitamins and nutrients our body needs, we can often see a shift not only in our waistline, but in our skin and hair as well. In contrast, when we don’t eat well, it can often leave our hair dull and susceptible to breakage and even hair loss. Stress also has a big part to play in how our body reacts, and studies have shown that hair loss can be a side-affect to high levels of stress.

So, what’s there to do?

Though we can’t control the weather, we can take control of what we eat. Start by incorporating a good, healthy, balanced diet into your life. Next, we really must take our mental health into account. Pent up anger, fear or frustration can be very damaging, so find a release for tension, like a hobby or daily exercise. It can be simple things like taking a lunch time walk or volunteering at a pet shelter or local garden.

Next, if climate is an issue, sadly, we can’t control that, so we have to adjust our hair products according to the season. In the summer months we have more exposure to the sun and tend to swim and shower more often, so wear a hat when you’re in the sun for long periods of time and use a conditioning shampoo. The natural oils in our scalp are designed to protect our hair and scalp, so if possible, try not to over wash your hair.

In the colder months, the dry air also dries out our hair, so make sure you’re using a good rich conditioner and monthly hair conditioning masks. Split ends are the enemy, so a trim every few weeks will keep your locks healthy and happy. And, if you blow dry or flat iron your hair, make sure to allow your hair a few days each week to rest and recover.

Hopefully some of these tips will help restore your hair, just don’t get too worked up over it, remember, stress isn’t the answer!

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