The Keranique Thickening and Texturizing Mousse serves as a useful tool for styling hair, especially those who have thin hair and often use a blow dryer as part of their hair care routine. The Thickening and Texturizing Mousse can be used to achieve runway chic, voluminous hair.

How to Use the Volumizing Mousse

There is a certain way to distribute this product: If the mousse is put in correctly, not only will it make your hair look fantastic, it will also help your look last a long time.

how to use keranique mousse

The best way to apply the product is by taking small sections of your hair and distributing the mousse evenly throughout the hair. Make sure you get it all the way through that section of your hair. Dry your hair in sections with a rounded brush, pulling the hair upward. Though this method can be more time consuming, the results are clear!

If the product is distributed evenly, your hair can have the long-lasting effect that the mousse can provide.

Benefits of Mousse

This product was scientifically formulated to maintain body without causing stiffness, and it also has a detangling effect. This mousse conditions hair, making it shiny and soft to the touch, and it can help protect your hair from styling irons.

International Hair Stylist Franco Della Grazia has few tips on how to distribute the Keranique Mousse the correct way. For more information about this Keranique product, watch the video below:


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