If you’re just starting on your hair regrowth journey, you won’t regrow hair overnight. However, there are ways to make it look as if you have. Keranique offers a wide variety of products formulated for women with thinning hair, from minoxidil infused products to nourishing shampoos. To supplement the products that are actively re-growing and protecting your hair, Keranique’s Tint & Texture, Color Density Treatment camouflages spots where your hair is thinning.

This amazing spray not only provides coverage where needed, but it also soaks up excess oils like a dry shampoo to help protect from buildup, which can be damaging to your scalp. This product is great for women with darker hair colors, as many similar products leave a white residue. That’s why Refinery29 spotlighted it as a product that helps you look great for work, even when you’re in a rush, saying, “it sops up sebum on your scalp, which can clog follicles and weigh down hair — meaning you’re treating the root of the problem, too.”

Try it out for yourself and order Keranique Tint & Texture Color Density Treatment today!

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