Are you headed on vacation this winter? Vacations can be super exciting and you want to look your best for all of those photos, right? It can be hard to tame your hair when traveling to a different climate or season, but there are some steps you can take to make it easier.

Here are some ways to care for your hair before and during your vacation:

  1. Before you travel, head to the salon and get a trim to ensure your hair is healthy and looking its best before leaving.
  2. Whether you are bringing your full line of haircare products or just buying a few travel sized items, switch to a nourishing shampoo and conditioner. It will help keep your hair nourished and healthy as you deal with the stress of travel and a different climate.1
  3. When you travel, try to air dry your hair if you can. Especially if it is warm outside, work with your hair’s natural texture. Not only will this save room in your suitcase, but nixing hair tools for your vacation will give you one less thing to worry about. You want to spend every minute on the beach, anyway right? Just be sure to bring some hairspray, mousse or cream to style your hair naturally and bring a hat or scarf if your hair gets really crazy.1
  4. Speaking of hats, bring a wide-brimmed hat with you, especially if you color your hair. The sun and water can affect your color, so wearing a hat can help keep your hair healthy and even save your skin from some of the sun’s rays.
  5. If you are spending time near the pool or another body of water, wet and condition your hair before you head into the water to swim. Chlorine or salt from the ocean can damage your hair. Conditioning it first and rinsing it immediately after your swim can help save your hair from damage.1
  6. Try a cute and easy hairstyle, like a braid, to ensure you look amazing in photos and it will keep your hair off your face as you try new activities.

Are you heading on a vacation soon? Where are you going? Will you try these tips to ensure healthy and beautiful hair, even on vacation? Share with us!

1 – Information from USA Today

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