How thick is your hair? If your hair is very thick, you might be all too familiar with broken hair ties, unmanageable locks and spending way too much time with your hair dryer. However, thick hair can be very luxurious and beautiful if you have the right hairstyle and the right tools to manage it. There are many different haircuts to make it more manageable and look great!

  • First, if you have thick hair, you should know a few things to avoid, although your hair stylist should know this as well. Avoid over-layering or too-blunt ends that can result in your hair becoming a pyramid shape.1
  • No matter what length you’d like your hair to be, there are some specific haircuts you can try. If you’re into bangs, you can try them easily! Think soft and wispy though. Too blunt or too thick can look very old-fashioned.1
  • Ask for piece-y bangs with soft ends to avoid your bangs looking and feeling too heavy.1
  • Aim to keep the weight of your hair up top and remove it from the bottom on medium to long lengths of hair. It will lighten up your hair and make it more manageable. The lob is a very popular hairstyle these days. It is basically a bob haircut, but with a longer length. If you decide to try a lob, ask your hairstylist to thin out the ends to make them more feathered.1
  • If you have long hair and wish to keep the length, try face-framing layers. Keep the layers more towards the top and remove the weight underneath.1
  • If you have very short hair, try a pixie cut. Don’t worry about it becoming poufy if it is short enough. Pixies look great on short hair because you can easily manipulate the hair with products to get the texture and style you crave.2

As always, when going for a haircut, come prepared with what you want and show photos to your hairstylist.  Be sure to ask them for advice and their professional opinion. They can help you decide on a haircut that will look great on your specific hair type and face shape.

Do you have very thick hair? Do you love it or hate it? What kind of haircut do you have? Share with us below or send us a picture!

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2 – Information from Redbook

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