Not only is this week the busiest travel week of the year, it also kicks off the busiest time of the year for both you and your hairdresser. Preparing your hair before you travel is the key to ensuring your locks are looking healthy and beautiful. We sat down with Brand Ambassador, Franco Della Grazia to discuss his favorite tips, tricks and inside scoop for taking care of your hair while you travel.

Color Treatments: We tend to want to get our hair done as close to the holiday as possible so it’s “fresh,” however this is actually not what’s best for your hair.  It is suggested that you get your hair colored a week to 10 days before the holiday so the color settles.

Dry Shampoo: Not everyone can prep their hair the day before.  If you are suffering from an oily scalp you may not usually be able to do this ahead of time.  However, Keranique makes an amazing dry shampoo that can help even the most oily hair last an extra day or two!  Dry shampoo is a must pack for any type of traveling!

Styling: Braids are an easy way to style your hair the day before the holiday.  You could even travel in the braids so it’s hassle free and out of the way.  Then in the morning, you just take the braids out and your hair is already done!  Your hair will have shape and movement with little to no work.

Curling:  If you intend to put a curling iron in your hair, make sure to prep it properly.  While your hair is still wet, apply moose from the mid length to the ends.  Blow dry the moose into the hair allowing it to settle.  Curl when hair is completely dry.

Water Spray:  With the forced heat our hair is enduring inside and the cold temperatures outside, our hair can be very dry this time of year and water spray is a great solution!  This can be more productive then continued use of heavy products that will weigh your hair down.  Use a fine mist of water on the top layers of your hair.

Brush: The brush you use can really make a difference in both the look and the health of your hair.  Try a brush with a combination of a ball bristle and synthetic bristle.  The ball bristle will give it the shine you crave and the synthetic bristle will give you the tension your hair needs to curl or straighten it.

Treatment:  Give your hair a good treatment before hitting the road in order to give it the extra strength it may need while not in its normal routine.  Use a hair mask a couple days before your travels.

Leave the dryer at home: With enough of the correct preparation for your hair there leaves little to no reason you should need to bring your bulky blow dryer with you.  Avoid the added heat damage while saving room in your suitcase!

Hair Oils:  If you suffer from dry or frizzy hair, oils are a great option.  Keranique’s Marula oil is a great option!  It is recommended to put in the oil while your hair is still slightly damp versus dry.  Towel dry your hair and then spray it lightly through the hair and scrunch it with your hands to evenly distribute.

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