If you want big hair, you may have to tease it to achieve the volume you crave. However, teasing your hair may cause it to become damaged.1 Here are the steps you should take to tease your hair properly to get big, beautiful volume:

  1. Start with dry, cool hair. Never tease wet hair because it is more susceptible to damage and breakage.1
  2. Get a teasing brush with a fine tipped end and bushy bristles. The fine tipped end will help you create sections and the bristles will help create a full tease. Before you start using your teasing brush, brush your hair thoroughly with a regular brush to start with a smooth canvas.1
  3. Work in sections. Work in small sections to ensure maximum volume and lift.
  4. Take a section of hair and spray hairspray or texturizing spray. Once you’ve sprayed the section with your spray of choice, slowly comb your hair back towards your scalp. Don’t brush it too hard or fast. Only comb downwards to avoid damage and tangles, but will still give you enough volume. Don’t forget the back of your hair, which is easily missed.1
  5. Once your hair is teased to your liking, smooth down the top sections of your hair with your comb and set with hairspray.
  6. When you’re ready to wash your hair after you’ve teased it, brush out the teased hair first with a wide tooth comb. Comb through the bottom sections and work your way up. This will avoid damage as well.1

Do you ever tease your hair? Have you ever damaged your hair from teasing it? Share with us your thoughts!

1 – From Bustle

6 thoughts on “How to Tease Your Hair Without Damaging It

  1. Jeanne says:

    I have always had to tease my hair as it is very fine and goes flat easily. Now that it has thinned out even more and it is growing out its very hard to get a nice style. I’m using the Keranique product but have seen no visible improvement. I also take Vitamins and Biotin. In fact my hair is very dry and the conditioner leaves it limp. I only use a pea sized amount of conditioner and it still is limp. What can I do? This is very discouraging!

    • Keranique Hair says:

      Our shampoo removes impurities and buildup, while our conditioner adds body and volume without leaving a heavy, waxy and coated feel on the hair or scalp. If you have dry or coarse or very curly hair, try using our Deep Hydrating shampoo and conditioner formulas or also our Keranique Marula Hair Oil for added moisture. You can also warm the oil and leave it in your hair for a few more minutes as a hot oil treatment. Also try blow drying your hair using a medium to low setting.

  2. Tina Bhalera says:

    Thank you for your helpful suggestions. It helps to know proper way of doing things with better results and less damage. Thanks again.

  3. Jen says:

    Yes of course I have done damage, usually if you tease your hair that much for volume, hair will get damaged. I do like article suggests; combing out hair beforehand. It has worked.

  4. Joan Williams says:

    Hi: I’m almost 90. Have had thick farly course{not curly}hair until about 75. Last few years have had some hospital procedures for ulcers and have had some dramatic weight losses. My hair is no longr attractive. Thin, falls out heaviy from time to time and and is colored every two weeks. A warm brown. My beautician only works every other week and thats what causes the heavy coloring. Sh e now back combs is regularly and it looks very nice for about 3 days and then when i comb out the backcomb its thin and I pull it up in a pony tail. My face actually looks better whithout the droopy thin hair hanging down. I take vitamins and Biotin regularly. General health is good. Lousy knees. Probably shouldnt be so vain at my age. Everyone tells me I look “wonderful”. But… I miss my nice hair. Joan

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