Do you ever wear your hair pin straight? It is a classic look, but it can be very damaging to your hair to blow dry or iron it straight every single day. Here are the pros and cons of blow drying and flat ironing your hair straight and which one you should choose more often:

That Perfect Blow-Out

Using a hair dryer and a round brush can be tricky to navigate to get smooth and straight hair. It also takes a lot of time and can take a lot of practice to get right. However, blow drying your hair can give you straight hair, body and volume and a soft natural style that flat ironing it can’t do. It is also less damaging to your hair, especially if you use a heat protectant first. It also can last a few days up until a week. Aim to master the blow out by asking your hair stylist for tips or watching YouTube tutorials when you have some extra time. If you really want to splurge, get your hair washed and blown out from a professional.

Sleek and Straight with a Flat Iron

If you use a good iron, you can get your hair pin straight and straighten out the worst kinks, waves and curls in your hair very easily. It is also more likely to stay straight for a longer period of time. However, flat irons expose hair to more intense, direct heat and can damage your hair more easily. Whenever you use a flat iron, use a quality heat protectant first, leave it on low heat and brush before you straighten a section of hair to avoid having to go over it too many times.

What’s the verdict?

Leave your flat iron for special occasions or when you want your hair super pin straight and blow dry more often. Not only is it less damaging, but once you perfect how to do it, you can get a beautiful style this way that a flat iron just can’t do.

Either way, give your hair a break every once in a while, to avoid damaging it beyond repair.

Do you like to have your hair straight? Do you usually blow it out or straighten it with a flat iron? Do you use a heat protectant? Share with us below!

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