Whether your hair is consistently oily or you just haven’t washed it in a few days, you might be wondering how to hide oily and greasy hair so no one knows. Sometimes you just need that extra sleep but you don’t want to compromise your look either. Here are the best, easy hairstyles for oily hair:

  1. Fake an undercut. Undercuts are pretty cool these days, but you don’t have to commit to this look! Fake it by adding two rows of twisted knows on the side of your hair. It will hide greasy roots and tame frizz. This is a great option for curly hair.
  2. Wear a silk scarf or a headband to still look cute and hide dirty hair and roots.
  3. If your hair is oily, try adding extra height to your crown. Pull back the top section with a clip and mist with hairspray. Leave it in for at least 10 minutes and then take your hair down and run your fingers through the strands. It will help lift your roots and fake fresher hair.
  4. Try a half up bun. Instead of a full topknot, just pull the top section into a messy topknot. Use dry shampoo first to enhance texture and give you a clean feel. Secure with a few bobby pins if it feels too loose.
  5. Go for the beach waves. Spray your hair with a texturizing or wave spray and remember, the messier the better when it comes to hiding unwashed hair.
  6. Invest in some claw clips. They are great for pulling your hair back in a twist or a bun and you can do so with the top of your hair or your whole hair depending on the size of the clip. This hides oiliness and keeps your hair out of your face really well.
  7. Wear a side part or switch sides. If you always part your hair down the middle, it can leave your roots looking flat and even more oily. Try a side part and if you already wear it in a side part, switch to the other side to hide your oily roots.
  8. Braid it up! Braids are great for hiding oiliness and giving you a cute style all at once.
  9. All else fails, throw a baseball cap on. Hats are cute and sporty but also hides your oily hair really well.

Do you have oily hair or get greasy locks very easily? Which hairstyle is your favorite to hide the oiliness? Share with us!

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