Hair can get seriously damaged from the sun, the ocean and the pool during the summer, so this year use Keranique products to protect your hair! Here are some tips from Brand Ambassador Franco Della Grazia to help you take care of your hair this summer!

  • You don’t want to over wash your hair, because you will strip it of its natural moisture. In between washes, use Keranique dry shampoo to give hair a break.
  • After you shampoo and condition your hair wrap it in a towel to take out the excess moisture. Then after a few minutes use Keranique conditioner as a leave in conditioner, it’s gel-based so it’s lighter and won’t leave reside in your hair. Put the conditioner in your palms, and apply from mid-lengths to ends by scrunching it into the hair.
  • Add Keranique’s Marula Oil spray on top of the leave-in conditioner to seal in the moisture. If you have long hair, pull it all to the side and spray the oil. Don’t comb through, use your fingers, to prevent your hair from frizzing.
  • Keep the Keranique exfoliating mask near you when at the pool or beach. Use it as a deep conditioner and environmental protector. When you get out of the water rinse hair and then apply the exfoliating mask to help seal in moisture and protect against the elements.
    • You can also give yourself an “Auzzie Spa Day” by using wet sand from the beach to exfoliate your body while the mask is exfoliating your hair/scalp.
  • When getting into the water (pool or ocean), make sure to always rinse your hair beforehand. By rinsing with water first, your hair will be less porous and wont absorb as much chlorine/salt. And don’t forget to rinse again after you get out of the water.

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    Please don’t send me anymore products if you have sent me more I’m sending them back and would like my money back thanks Kim

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