Summer is here and that means one thing: summer concerts and fun outdoors! Whether you are heading to a festival, concert or another outdoor activity, you want your hair to be on trend and cool, but still stay looking great in the summer heat and humidity. Here are some of the best hair styles to rock this summer:

  1. Flower crown. A flower crown isn’t just for Snapchat and Coachella. You can buy or make your own flower crown and look beautiful for summer outings!
  2. Messy braids. Summer is all about the braids. There are tons of braid looks you can try, depending on your hair type and length. If you are hair is longer, try messy braids. Super easy to do and you can’t mess them up because they’re supposed to be messy!
  3. Waves and braids. Combine two summer looks. Give yourself beachy waves and put braids wherever you want for a cool, casual look.
  4. This one might take a little more time, Youtube tutorials or help from a professional, but it is a really cool look. You’ll definitely stand out!
  5. French braid crown. Simply make two French braids on either side of your head and then tie them around your head like a crown. It is really cute and will keep your hair out of your face while you’re jamming to your favorite band.
  6. Floral accessories. Not into flower crowns? Try a simple floral accessory. You can use real flowers or fake. You can also try floral barrettes, headbands or hats.
  7. Baseball cap. The ultimate casual look? A baseball cap of course! Rep your favorite sports team or a cute design and keep your hair safe from the sun.
  8. Cute, bright colors. Ready for a change? Dye your hair or add fun, colorful streaks to your hair. There are tons of options that wash out easily.
  9. This look isn’t just for little kids anymore! Try pigtails and curl the ends… this would be perfect for a country concert. Pair with a cowboy hat and boots!
  10. Side braid. If your hair is long enough, try a messy side braid. It will keep your hair in check and look fashionable at the same time.

Which style are you dying to try? Let us know and share your photos of the hairstyles you try at your fun summer activities on our Facebook page!

2 thoughts on “Best Hairstyles for Summer Concerts and Outings

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    • Keranique Hair says:

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