After a long hard workout, you’re probably not thinking about your hair. Depending on when and where you are after your workout, you might have to! Here are a few ideas to have your hair back in shape in no time:

  • If you have access to a shower and hairdryer at your gym or studio, you can get a quick wash and blow.
  • If you don’t have much time, add a little conditioner, then towel dry it well and use the dryer for a quick blow to partially dry it.
  • If there are no showers or time for one, try dry shampoo to give your hair a quick clean and boost.
  • Try a messy bun with a cute headband for a fun easy look that can take you through the day.
  • A side braid or messy side braid is fast and easy and you can wear it with damp or dry hair.
  • If you’re running to work or a meeting, pull your hair back into a low bun. It’s professional looking, goes great with most outfits and hides frizzy uncooperative hair.
  • Short hair looks great with a decorative headband and a little shine.
  • A side-sweep bun always looks stylish and couldn’t be easier.
  • For long hair, braid the sides and sweep up into a high ponytail or messy bun.
  • Just because we’re not kids anymore doesn’t mean that we can’t still rock the pigtails. Make them messy for a little added fun.
  • Sometimes, all that will do is a hat, so find one that fits you well and add a side braid or low bun.

The most important thing is that we hit the gym and stay healthy and fit, but your hair doesn’t have to suffer for it.

Post-Workout Hair Styles



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