Award Shows are a great time to get inspiration for a new look! All that glitz and glamour……not to mention the hair styles!

Our own Brand Ambassador Franco Della Grazia recently showed Marie Claire’s Brittney H Levine how to make three of our favorite looks from the Oscars red carpet: Hailee Steinfeld’s chic bun, Emma Stone’s soft waves, and Olivia Culpo’s sleek pony.

Here’s how you can get the look at home!

Chic Bun:

  1. Keranique Chic BunNight or day before wash hair and blow dry
  2. Blend a mousse or texturizing spray into the hair
  3. Blow dry directionally towards where you are fastening the ponytail, make sure the ends of the hair have a slight bend to it.
  4. Separate the top front of your hair into a triangle (From the ends of your eye brows)
  5. Put the remaining hair into a ponytail
  6. Separate sections of the ponytail and use a 2 inch curling iron to add bend and movement
  7. Then use a light hold hairspray and a small dressing brush, and loosely wrap each section around the pony tail to build shape.
  8. Using a round brush or larger curling iron add movement and height to the top triangle section
  9. Loosely bring the triangle hair section back, wrap the remaining length of the hair around the ponytail shape
  10. Lightly spray with a medium hold hair spray



Soft Waves:Keranique Soft Waves

  1. Wash hair with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner
  2. Prep hair with a volumizing mousse or texturizing spray, and blow dry product into hair
  3. Section off the hair horizontally starting at the nape of the neck where you will begin curling the hair
  4. Use a large curling iron on the bottom section directionally from left to right
  5. Use large round brush to smoothen the hair and to add body, then part the hair to your desired angle
  6. From the mid length to the ends use the curling iron to blend the hair into the etched formation that was done in the back
  7. Use smoothing brush and light hair spray to hold
  8. Leave top of head for last, putting a deep left or right part in the hair; style around the face
  9. Pull back the one side with a bobby pin or clip and medium hairspray for finish


Sleek Pony:Keranique Sleek Pony

  1. Prep hair with texturizing spray
  2. Blow dry the hair directionally with a side part
  3. Use a straightening iron from the mid-length to the ends
  4. Secure the hair into a ponytail with elastic cord for desired position
  5. Use a dressing brush and medium hold hair spray to smoothen the top section
  6. Use matte paste to style the front (don’t use a gel to prevent shine on the forehead), then spray with medium hold to secure look
  7. Add hair accessory to wrap around at the base of the ponytail for a fashion forward look

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