When the weather turns chilly, keeping your head warm will help you retain your body heat. Not to mention how great they can look! Unfortunately, this can lead to the dreaded hat hair! What can you do to keep warm and look fashionable while not ruining your “do” underneath?  Here are some suggestions!


Choosing the Right Hat

When choosing a winter hat, consider your typical hairstyle. If you have a hairstyle that you change up frequently, have a few headwear options on hand to choose from.


Classic Knit Hat

A classic knit or wool beanie works best with long hair that is close in the crown, with or without a straight or side-swept bang, styling cream will help keep down static that can be created when wearing this type of hat.
Winter Hats


Beret or Cloche

A knit or wool beret hat can be a great option if you have short hair with longer bangs, a bob or a pixie cut. This can be a very stylish option, but offers slightly less protection from the cold. If your ears get cold, consider a cloche hat for short hair, which can look very cute and vintage.


Hats and Long Hair

Hats can make a static-filled mess of long hair, so consider your styling options when you’ll be wearing a winter hat for warmth. A fishtail braid, low hair-wrapped pony tail or a low messy bun can all look fabulous with the right hat.


Headbands or Earmuff

Experiment with different hats and see what works best with your hair and style. If hats just don’t work for you, consider a knit headband or earmuffs to keep to keep your ears warm. Faux fur headbands or earmuffs can also give a stylish edge and keep full, curly or wavy hair from flattening down. Remember – hats can be a style statement that keeps you warm!

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