Hair can be a constant struggle for both men and women. Most of us have to deal with changes that occur as we age, like a shift in our hair’s texture, looser curls, thinning, balding or hair loss. No matter what, it can all require an emotional adjustment.

Our connection to our hair is strongly tied with our self-esteem. Thinning and hair loss can have a serious effect on our confidence and how we see ourselves. Many men who begin balding will simply choose to shave their heads and take on a stylish look that has been around for centuries. For other men it’s not as easy, and for women the fear of losing hair can negatively affect how they see themselves overall.

In films, TV and magazines, long thick lustrous hair is often highlighted, so it can be very emotionally challenging to accept that we’ve lost sheen, curls or volume. Historically, long thick hair was revered and seen as a sign of strong health and virility. Thinning and hair loss was looked upon as unhealthy and less attractive, so much so that wigs were introduced in the late 1600’s.

Today, wigs are worn less frequently. There is more cultural acceptance for thinning and balding hair, and many women who have seen the effects of over processing have chosen to go with their natural hair.

So why are we still so sensitive about our hair? Hair is still a status of beauty. We often associate how we look overall with how our hair looks. What can we do about it? Well, that depends on each person individually.

  • woman hair lossIf you have high maintenance hair that is causing you to stress out each morning, you may want to speak with your stylist about trying a new style that will be easier to maintain.
  • If you have long but thinning hair, you may want to cut it is a shorter style that will looks cute, stylish, and make it appear thicker.
  • If you are used to straightening it but want to release the curls you were born with, do it! Take a chance and explore new styles and ideas.
  • Remember that not every style looks good on every head. A seasoned stylist will consider your bone structure and the shape of your head when choosing a style.

Yes, most of us check our hair each time we pass a mirror, but we can’t allow the temperament of our hair to affect our entire day! Sometimes, it is what it is. And that’s okay! You know why? Because everyone can relate!

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