This season’s hairstyles are filled with lots of variety!

  • Short pixie cuts come in a variety of styles and they are all the rage. They are easy to care for, look sexy and bold, and talk about low maintenance! If you’re a woman on the go and it fits your face, try it!
  • A long bob with fringe (ala 1970’s) are roaring back. And why not, they are cute and sassy, and easy to style.
  • A shaggy croppy style is another hot trend this season. It gives you a carefree, casual, and sexy look.
  • Curls are back and we are so glad! Women are kicking the relaxers, straighteners and flat irons to the curb to embrace their natural curls. There are endless options for curly hair! Up, down and somewhere in between.

Fall hairstyles


Fall hair is all about braids and many of these styles look fantastic loose or tight. There is nearly no limit to the creative ways that you can pull your long or short hair into fun styles for the fall.

  • The traditional braid is made more exciting by twisting it into a ball and pinning it back.
  • If you’re used to popping your hair into a ponytail, mix it up and braid the front or the sides and then pull back into a more elaborate style that stands out.
  • For short, straight or curly hair, pull back the front or one side and braid it back, then pin with a stylish clip.

Yes, sometimes you have to take a chance and try something bold and new – but that’s the fun part of it all. Our hair can be our best accessory! Just because you’re used to your old style doesn’t mean you can’t take a chance and step outside your norm. If you work in an office environment and are worried about trying out a new style, do it over a weekend when you have time to play with it and get used to the new look. Then proudly show off your new style on Monday morning.

Pinterest is a great place to get new ideas and remember – it’s your hair and you can do what you want with it! Be bold and have fun this fall!

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