triple bun 5Summer means sand in your toes and popsicles, barbecue chicken, and watching the sunset, but it can also mean mosquitoes, sweat, and long hot days. Battle the heat this summer with four cute hairstyles that don’t require heated styling tools. These styles are so easy, you can even pop out of the shower and throw your hair up wet. But the best part is that you’ll look stylish while staying cool with the season’s best hairstyles to get your hair off your neck this summer.

The Triple Bun

Part your hair in three sections: separating the top portion above the ear and then dividing the bottom section in half. Twist the first bottom section into a bun and secure it with bobby pins. If bobby pins are difficult for you to use, then try wrapping a small clear elastic over the bun. Create the second bun on the bottom half. If your hair is longer, you can also twist into the shape of a figure 8. Lastly, style the top section into a bun and secure. Use a comb to conceal any part lines and two smooth the front surface of your hair. If you’re creating this style on wet hair, apply gel to your wet hair first. On dry hair, lock the look in place with hairspray.

The Side Twist

Create a deep side part. In the front bang portion of hair, start with two small sections. Twist one on top of the other, then beginning adding a small piece of hair to the front section as you twist. Each section should be added from underneath, then wrapped over the existing hair. Continue twisting and adding until there is no hair left. Secure with a clear, “ouch-free” elastic, then leave your hair in a pony tail or wrap it into a bun. You can make the bun messy and relaxed or keep it clean and tight depending on the look you desire. On wet hair, add gloss drops or a humidity resistant spray first to keep fly aways at bay. On dry hair, you can create a messier, more textured look by applying dry shampoo to your hair before styling. On dry hair, mist with a hairspray to complete the look.

The Fish Tail Pony

Comb your hair into a high pony tail securing it with a clear elastic. For extra volume, backcomb the crown area, then smooth the hair over to give your style a bump. Next, divide the hair in two. Take a half to one inch piece (depending on your hair texture and density) from the left side and combine it with the section on the right side. Then, take a matching piece on the left, combining it with the right. Continue until you get to the bottom and finish with a second elastic. For a different look, use fingers to gently pull on either side of the braid to loosen for a softer, more relaxed vibe. You can also wrap the braid around the base of the pony to create a bohemian inspired bun.

The Knotty Bun

Put your girl scout prowess to use in creating a knotted bun style. Create a parting at the top of your ears dividing your hair into a top and bottom section. Tie an elastic around the bottom portion. Next divide the top into two even sections and secure with an elastic. Begin by dividing one of the top ponies in half, and create a knot (like you’re tying a bow). Continue knotting the section until you reach the bottom, then wrap it in a bun and pin in place. Repeat with the other two sections, until all the hair is knotted and pinned.

This summer, we hope you get a much needed break. But your hair needs a rest as much as your mind and body. Stay cool this summer, and give hair the break it needs with one of these styles you crave.

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