Cut Back on Conditioner!

Most women over-condition their hair.  This causes hair to be too slippery to hold a curl. Just as unwashed hair holds a style better than freshly washed hair, cutting back on the hair conditioner can help your hair hold a curl better than conditioned-hair.

Prepare with Mouse!

Mousse has alcohol in it and alcohol helps to remove the moisture from your hair.  This, in turn, enhances the hair’s grit and hold.  Take one baseball-size mound (or two, if your hair is long) and saturate damp or dry hair from roots to ends.

Protect Your Hair!

Before you bust out the curling iron, make sure to apply a heat protector to your hair so you don’t damage it.

keranique-tips-to-curlCurl it Smart!

Those with thick, coarse hair should set the iron up to 350. Those with thin hair should only set the iron to 300 degrees. Regardless of the size of the iron apply tension when wrapping the hair, pulling the iron away from your face so it feels tight, to evenly distribute the heat.

Start from the Top!

It’s both easier and quicker if you start from the top and work your way down.

Clip it!

This is the most important part: After curling for five seconds, release the clamp, slide the iron out, and clip the coil against your head with a metal duckbill clip. Wait at least five minutes.  Wait 15 minutes if you have time. Do not touch the curl or shake it out while it’s hot.

Shake it Out! 

Once your hair has cooled, remove the clip, let your head hang back, and tousle the curls with your fingers. Leave the hair a little more curled than you’d prefer it to be.  They’ll loosen from the forces of gravity. 

Lock it In!

Always lock in your look with hair spray or a texturizing spray.  Keep a small bottle in your purse to revitalize your curls later in the day.

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