keranique-static-hairWith the return of sweater weather comes the ever-annoying problem of static hair. Depending on your hair type, static strands could be a minor inconvenience or a style-ruining situation.  Consider these fixes for static hair.


Don’t use a plastic comb.

Plastic combs are perhaps one of the worst contributors to static hair. Plastic brushes or combs can create an electrical charge which causes static (just like rubbing a plastic balloon on your hair creates static strands.).  Switch to a natural bristle brush, and rubber or metal combs, during the winter months.


Water’s your friend.

Water is one of the best ways to moisturize your dry-like-a-desert mane.  Apply a few drops (little enough that hair will dry almost immediately after) to hair from mid-strands to tips to tame flyaways in a hurry before you can implement a more fool-proof solution.


Grab a dryer sheet.

Used mainly for laundry, dryer sheets are formulated to discourage static electricity production when you put clothes in a dryer. In the same way, you can use sheets to decrease static on your hair. Take a sheet and glide it across your entire head to tackle pesky flyaways, or you can rub it on your brush. Pack your purse with a few dryer sheets and give your mane a root to tip rub down whenever hair begins moving up and away.


Static Guard.

It’s a little known fact that – according to their website, Static Guard is also safe for your hair. A tiny amount of the product applied before styling helps tremendously in fighting dry hair. Spray some into your palms or a brush, then smooth over hair.

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