This low-maintenance, soft blend of blonde and brunette is primed to be huge for fall. Look for terms like “light neutral brown” on at-home box kits, and then use a highlighting kit to add contrasting pieces all around your head.

Honey Blonde:
If you’re not ready to go dark for fall, but you don’t want your blonde to be as bright go for a gorgeous honey-blonde hair color. Look for terms like “medium honey blonde” on at-home box kits.

Buttery Blonde:
If you’re blonde but want to change it up and still feel blonde go for a color that’s light with golden, buttery tones. Look for terms like “honey blonde” or “light buttery blonde” on at-home box kits.


Burnt Auburn
Auburn hues are always a shoe-in for fall, but this season, due in large part to the moody, coppery curls Rhianna has been sporting all summer, a darker, more dramatic approach is the way to go.

Champagne-y Red
If you’re a darker blonde and want to see how you feel as a sexy siren try champagne-y red shade. Look for terms like “copper” and “strawberry” on at-home box kits.

Cool Chestnut
If you want to stick with being a brunette but want to mix up your look — or you’re a blonde and want to go a little darker— opt for a light chestnut brown. Look for terms like “light chestnut brown” or “medium brown with golden tones” on at-home box kits.

Single-Process Brunette
Even with the seemingly endless list of color techniques that exist today, don’t forget the power of a single-process dye job—particularly in a blackish-brunette hue. It’s classic and striking all at once.

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2 thoughts on “The Best Hair Colors for Fall 2015

  1. Sarah Ssali says:

    I am a black woman and I wanna be doing my own hair from home rather than going to the saloon because they are expensive!
    So, do you have the products I can buy from you since I am now using keranique products?
    How about the hair spray or hair mascara I can use on roots between dyes.

    • Keranique Hair says:

      Hi Sarah,
      We are so happy to hear that you are doing your own hair at home, and with Keranique!

      We have a comprehensive line of supporting products for Keranique. You can see our entire hair care line for thickening right here:

      I have also requested a call back from our Customer Relations Liaison to better assist in customizing Keranique to suit your needs!
      Thank you

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