How many people can truly say they drink the recommended amount of water a day? In today’s society, most people go for the coffee or soda and many people don’t follow this simple suggestion.

If you’re concerned about your hair, you may want to turn towards the water!  Dehydration can cause a huge impact on hair growth and healthy hair and failing to drink enough water can impact cell health and reproduction. It’s your cells that are responsible for hair growth and hair health are if they’re not able to grow, your hair will reap the consequences. Your hair will start to become brittle and dry.


Not staying hydrated can actually stop the natural growth cycle of your hair. The roots of your hair are the ones responsible for soaking up water and dispersing it to your hair. Staying hydrated automatically boosts and promotes hair growth internally. So, if you don’t drink enough water your cells can’t provide the required hair vitamins needed to promote healthy growth.   Water not only promotes healthy growth, but it can also rid your scalp of dandruff, and it may even help with thinning hair.

Most people aren’t aware that even mild dehydration can directly affect hair growth. Think of your hair like you think of skin.  Your skin needs moisture from the inside out, and so does your hair. Without the proper hydration, your hair will eventually suffer. 

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