If you have wavy or curly hair then you know how hard it is to style it. Oftentimes, no matter what season or weather, you hair somehow finds a way to be frizzy. Here are some tips that will make styling your hair easier!

1. Get a Cut with Layers

Wavy and curly hair look best when they are shoulder length or longer. Having a few layers helps longer hair look healthier and not so boxy. So next time you go in to get you hair cut make sure to ask your stylist for some layers!

2. Protect Your Hair

Any time you decide to use a blow-drier, a hot iron, or a curling iron to style your hair be sure that you use heat-protecting spray. This is because using heat on your hair will make it look frizzy and fried. If you want to have healthy looking hair even when you must use heat to style it, then never forget to apply that heat-protecting spray.

3. Use a Curling Iron for Extra Style

It may seem weird to use a curling iron when you already have wavy/curly hair. Why would you need it? Well, sometimes, there are inevitably some frizzy strands of hair out and about.  Wrap those strands of hair around your curling iron (using heat-protecting spray first of course) to smooth these pieces of hair out and give them shape. For best results also try to air-dry your hair for give it more body.

4. Try Getting a Dry Cut

If you have curly/wavy hair you know that your hair looks very different wet as opposed to when it’s dry. That’s why you may tend to get anxious right before getting a haircut since you’re not sure what to expect. Try asking your hairstylist for a dry haircut. That way you can see how exactly your hair looks when it’s dry and there aren’t any unwanted surprises!

5. Put Styling Products into Your Hair While It’s Still Wet

Do you love your styling products but hate the sticky and stiff feeling you get when you apply them to your dry hair? Take a moment after you get out of the shower to apply your styling products while your hair is still completely wet. This also helps to reduce the frizz of your curls once they dry. Your curls will thank you!

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One thought on “5 Styling Tips for Wavy and Curly Hair

  1. Ivy Baker says:

    My little sister has wavy hair and she has a problem making her hair look nice. So, I liked your suggestion about getting a haircut with layers. That does seem like something that would help her hair look better even before she does anything to it.

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