It’s certainly no secret that when trying to achieve a particular hair style, the use of the right styling tools, blow dryers and styling products is critical. However, another critical element that is often overlooked is the use of the right hair brush, which really plays an important role in achieving the style you’re after. Because the hair brush is so widely overlooked, following, you’ll learn more about hair brushes and more specifically about how to find the right hair brush for both your hair type and for the style you’re after.

Mega Volume And Lift

A rounded brush is perfect when you’re trying to achieve a hair style with lots of volume and lift. With barrels that are round and often made of metal, the movement required to use these round brushes is well-defined and is perfectly suited for days when you want the hair to have a bit of bend or curl.

The more modern thermal round brush is made with a vented core which allows for a great deal of air circulation when used in conjunction with your blow dryer. The thermal round brush tends to reduce the amount of time it takes to dry the hair while leaving the hair with lots of volume and shape.

Straightening / Detangling Thicker Hair

The uber-wide surface area of the paddle brush makes it perfect for straightening and detangling thicker strands. The paddle brush will leave the hair silky smooth and is best when used right before flat ironing the hair.

Detangling Fine Hair

Often touted as the original professional detangling brush, the Tangle Teezer is certainly an odd shaped brush. However, this brush fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, and its soft and flexible bristles are perfect for detangling the hair without breakage. While the Tangle Teezer works on many hair types, it’s probably most effective on fine hair.


Both teasing and back-combing your hair is made very simple with the use of a teasing brush like the Spornette Little Wonder No. 111. The firm nylon bristles used in manufacturing this brush, or those similar to it, are perfect for creating volume and lift. Because the bristles are placed very close to one another and have different heights, this brush offers tremendous styling control. This brush works well with a variety of hair types.

All Around Goodness

Professional hair stylists from all over the world gravitate toward the mixture, brush, which offers the perfect combination of boar bristles and nylon. Boar bristles are, indeed, the hair of a boar. Naturally soft and flexible, boar bristles are highly effective at closing the cuticle layer, distributing natural oils throughout the hair, thus creating very shiny locks. However, because boar bristles generally tend to be weaker, boar bristles are often combined with much sturdier nylon bristles, thereby offering greater styling capability.

These boar and nylon bristle brushes are also effective at stimulating the scalp which not only promotes hair growth, but also lends itself to improving the overall health of the hair.

Comb Attachments For Coarse Hair

While technically not considered a brush, per se, coarse hair tends to benefit greatly from the use of a comb attachment while the hair is being blow dried. Simple section off the hair and comb through it, effectively straightening the hair while it’s drying.

Copper Tipped Bristles For Dandruff Control

Scientists attribute dandruff to the fungus Malassezia, a microbe which is present on everyone’s scalp. Although this microbe is, indeed, present on every scalp, not everyone is affected by it. But for those who are, an itchy, flaky scalp — or what’s commonly referred to as dandruff — is the result.

Copper has been used for natural dandruff relief for decades due to copper’s ability to neutralize and control dandruff. Thus, the copper-tipped brush helps to kill off bacteria when it forms, and it tends to be soothing to the scalp as well.

In conclusion, approach brush purchases by understanding exactly which hair styles you’ll want to achieve, and consider your hair type also. By doing so, you’ll quickly be able to determine which brush will help you get those head-turning results you crave.

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