I’m not a morning person.  Even when I get a solid eight hours of sleep, I have a hard time dragging myself out of bed.  Which means I have a pretty intimate relationship with my snooze button – on average, I probably hit it at least two times a morning.  Now, there’s no shame in wanting to squeeze in a few extra minutes in bed … unless, of course, it cuts into your hair styling time.  And let me tell you, I’ve been guilty of oversleeping on more than a few mornings and having to rush off to work or an appointment with flat, limp, just plain boring hair.

Sound too good to be true?  Here are a few no-fuss options that are guaranteed to save you precious time in the morning *and* banish bad hair days for good.

Braided Half Up, Half Down

A half up, half down ‘do is about as easy as hairstyles get – but it can also be a little boring. For a look that’s just as fast to put together but offers a little more pizazz, try a braided half up, half down style. Take a small section of hair from the front of both sides of your head and braid them about half way down. Pull each braid to the back of your head and pin them in place with bobby pins. Let the unbraided ends of your hair fall loosely – you may want a run comb or brush through them so they blend together. Spritz your hair with a light hairspray so your braids stay in place all day.

Top Knot

When you’re in a rush and your hair isn’t in a mood to cooperate, pulling it all the up and out of the way is usually the best – and easiest – solution. A fabulous top knot looks super polished and elegant, and it takes just a few minutes to do.  If your hair is frizzy, start by applying a smoothing serum. Then gather your locks into a high ponytail, paying careful attention to where you place the pony since that’s the spot where your bun will wind up. Secure your ponytail with a clear elastic, wrap the end around the base to create the top knot, and secure it with bobby pins. If your hair is fine or thin, you can always purchase a Styrofoam donut from your local beauty supply or drug store meant for buns like the Conair Bun Maker that you can thread your ponytail through and use as a base to bulk up your bun.

Side Braid

A basic braid is a style that most of us can do in our sleep, so they’re perfect for mornings when we’re in a rush. But if your usual braid feels a little played out, try adjusting the placement. A side braid is just as easy to pull together as a braid at the back of your head, but it has a softer, more romantic look. Simply gather your hair on the side of your head that you prefer and braid it as you normally would. You can use a plain elastic to secure it at the bottom, or opt for a decorative clip, bow or ribbon to give it a little more style.

Classic Twist

You might save a French twist just for special occasions, but you can do a modified twist when you’re in a hurry and look polished and elegant in no time. Gather your hair at the nape of your neck and twist it tightly, rolling it up against the back of your head as you go. Use several bobby pins to carefully pin it in place. Tuck the ends of your hair under the twist to keep the style sleek and neat, or let them hang over the twist for a more casual feel. Give your hair a spritz with a light to keep the twist looking perfect all day.

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