Every few years, I suddenly can’t stand my hair and need to revamp it as quickly as possible. Does this happen to you?

Here are some tips on how to revamp your hair.

Head to the salon

. A haircut can do wonders for a new look but also your attitude. You can take years off your life by getting your hair cut. Perhaps you take a trip on the wild side and cut a few inches off. Like TV makeover guests, you’ve probably noticed that they usually take a nice chunk off their hair. A few reasons for this is that depending on your body and face type, very long hair can detract from your look. Long hair is good for the right woman — just make sure that woman is you.

Get inspired

If you don’t have any clue about what kind of haircut to get, look around you. Perhaps you see a photo in a magazine, or on Pinterest. These photos can be used as inspiration for your hair makeover. Now, of course remember you won’t look exactly like them (celebrities for example), but you can use them for your hair makeover at home.

The right stuff

So you went and got yourself a good haircut —  now what? When you go home and live day-to-day life, make sure you are using good, quality products. I know we are all short on time, but taking time to shampoo and condition your hair versus a two-in-one product can help save your hair. Also, if you have dyed hair (highlights included) use a product that will help protect and nourish your hair. You spent all that money; don’t waste it on poor product.

Make the best of what’s around

What else can you do to spice up your hair? Perhaps a haircut is not feasible right now. So what can you do to have a hair makeover anyway? Hair accessories are a great option. From headbands to hair pins to head wraps to braids,  have fun experimenting with what looks right for your age, body and hair.

Now go and revamp your hair!

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