Your kids may be on their way back to school, but I’m pretty sure there’s more work for you.   With all the pressures of actually getting them out of bed and out the door, you’re pressed for time when it comes to making yourself look fab.  There’s good news, just because you’re short on time, does not mean that you have to be relegated to a boring ponytail.

Here are hairstyling tips for moms on the go:

Get a Low Maintenance Cut!

Visit your hairstylist and get a low maintenance haircut. This doesn’t mean you have to chop your hair off into a short bob either; there are plenty of medium-length hairstyles that are also easy to maintain. Forgo a cut that has lots of layers which requires plenty of styling to look good everyday. If you aren’t sure what it is you’d like, chat with your stylist about some sassy styles that will require little to no maintenance and look right for your face shape.

Try a Top Knot!

Top knots may be a trendy hairstyle right now, but they were practically invented for moms on the go! They’re sassy, keep your hair out of your face and require mere minutes to put together. For a quick top knot, all you’ll need is two hair ties, a few bobby pins and a chignon hair foundation. Don’t worry if your bun ends up a little messy, this look isn’t about being perfectly polished. 

Mousse is Your Friend!

If you’re pressed for time or merely don’t have the patience to  commit to heavy styling . A great mousse is a must.  It will help soak up excess oil in your roots and refresh your hair while allowing you to flaunt the natural texture of your hair.  And guess what?  It keeps your hair in place and safe from flyaways.

To learn more, visit Keranique, at HSN.


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