Is your hairstyle right for your face shape?

Everyone’s face shape has a look that brings out their features. There are certain haircuts, layers, bangs, colors, etc that work well with different face shapes.

Why do you think some people look incredibly stunning with bangs and others . . . well, let’s just say others should find a hairstyle better suited for them!

So, how do you determine your face shape so you can figure out your best look?

Determine your face shape
Pull your hair away from your face and look into a mirror and trace the outline of your face with lipstick or eyeliner on the glass. This will give you an easy look at your face shape.  There are five basic shapes: round, square, oval, long, and heart-shaped.

Round: A round face has a full cheek and round chin.
Your best hair: Long layers instantly lengthen your face. Side bangs will also flatter you! And if you’d like to get an updo for a special occasion, make sure there’s VOLUME. Volume is your friend, round-faced ladies.

Square: Typically have a strong jawline and the same width from top to bottom.
Your best hair: Soft bangs will help soften the angles of your face. Tousled curls and texture look really great on square faces, too!

Oval: Mazel tov on having a very balanced, symmetrical face!
Your best hair: Just about any length or style should work for you.  Short crops look especially fabulous on oval faces. Longer bangs a little below the brows will also look great. Long hair and side part = welcome to my own oval faced world, friends!

Heart Shaped: A true heart shape- a narrow chin in contrast to your forehead.
Your best hair: Chin lengthed bobs work great and will balance out your chin. Also, brow-skimming bangs help divert attention from a large forehead. Long layers work well too!

Long: Oblong face (can be a mixture of the other shapes, too)
Your best hair: Getting bangs will help create more width. Instead of flat, stick straight hair which can make your face appear even longer, add some texture!

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