There is nothing worse than thinning hair.  Imagine seeing hair that you’d like to see on your head showing up in the bristles of your brush.  Talk about a downer!  Not only is it an emotionally difficult experience, it’s also embarrassing.   Fortunately, you don’t have to be relegated to a life of thin ,listless hair.  We have a few tips to help you take your hair from fail to fab!

Fab hair starts in the shower!

Instead of the heavy, sulfate laden shampoos that are usually available in the mass market, try an alternative.  A sulfate free shampoo that is meant to cleanse the scalp AND get rid of product build-up is your best option.   You want your hair to be residue free to ensure that the pores in your scalp are not clogged.

Opt for a light weight conditioner.

Many women that experience thinning hair forgo the use of conditioner altogether.  BIG mistake.   Conditioner is meant to strengthen the outermost layer of the hair shaft so that it remains healthy and thick.  Look for a conditioner that is infused with keratin, the protein that gives the hair strength.  It will not weigh your hair down and will allow for a more voluminous look to your hair.

Use a wide tooth comb.

You know those tiny rattail combs with skinny teeth?  Don’t use those.  You are simply causing undo pulling to your hair. Guess what?  You’ve just pulled out hair unnecessary causing yourself breakage and MORE THINNING.  We both know you don’t want that.   Broken hair and split ends add to hair thinning. Try using a large wide tooth comb, specifically for detangling.   Such a comb causes less breakage and allows for healthier, thicker looking hair.

These steps are not only simple but beneficial for optimal hair growth.  The journey to thicker and healthier hair starts with you.  Get the hair you deserve today.  It’s in your hands.

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